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Circus Boy - Disc 9 and 10

Jack and Bobby: Episodes 21 and 22

CVMC: Christian Traeumer
Date of birth: 2000-03-25


TitleRoleYear Approx. Age
Music, Dance and other Artsy-Fartsy Shorts unknown 2014 14
The Child 2012 Simon Sachs 2012 12

Christian Traeumer was scouted by agents when he began modeling at 17 months in San Fransisco. At the age of three his family relocated to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. Christian landed his first commercial at the age of six, and at seven started appearing in short films.

At the age of ten he landed a supporting role in a feature film It Can Be Arranged (2010), and was chosen to play the lead in The Child (2012) starring along side Eric Roberts. Christian loves dramatic arts and has been supported in the arts by his mother Tomasine. You can see him in Chilly Christmas (2012), Bless Me, Ultima (2013) and Aram, Aram (2015).

Christian is a hip hop dancer who does well with choreography (You can see him dance in Bolero (2012)) and has competed in gymnastics since the age of three until switching to martial arts. He is a brown belt in martial arts and now has moved onto cinematic martial arts tricking. Christian's goal is to build his career through his teen years and be a successful actor in his adult life. "Persistence overcomes resistance" is his motto. Over Ten Years of Doing Business on The World Wide Web! +1 (626) 789-6479