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Mach, Sebestova A Kouzelne Sluchatko

Family Under Siege

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Serving Collectors Since 1997!  Film Archival & Transfers services... specializing in rare and out-of-print films from around the globe. 
We offer archival video and dvd's of over 6000 films from collectible sources such as pre-record VHS, laserdiscs and DVDs. With 16 years of service to collectors worldwide, our service, selection and quality is unbeatable. We seek out and offer the rarest and best genre films on the worldwide market. We also offer a wide variety of transfer, archival and conversion services.  We can archive and convert foreign VHS, or DVD formats to U.S. formats. We stand behind our quality and service. If we acquire a better print of any title previously listed, we’ll send an “upgrade” to all rental members, and purchasers who return the old print– FREE!  Many of our titles listed in this catalogue are available in the DVD-R format. These are archival prints– NOT factory “pre-records” so an order may take longer to fulfill. Archival prints are mastered from original masters and out-of-print film prints from International and unreleased sources.   If you are looking for mainstream easily available films we can get them also. However if you are looking for rare and hard-to-find films from all over the world, then you've come to the right place!! We ship all orders via USPS (US Postal Service) Priority Mail and International Priority Mail.
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The oldest movie rental service on the internet -- since 1997. Specializing in rare hard-to-find feature films from such respected directors as Alejandro Jodorowsky, Bernardo Bertolucci & Bille August. FREE Enrollment CLICK HERE
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Release Date: MARCH 7

Welcome to CVMC - Celebrating 18 years!
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JULY Sale! Expires: 07-12-2015 - In stock and ready to ship... -- NOTE: FREE Media shipping when you purchase 3 or more sale DVD's from the list below. Free Media rate not valid with non-sale purchases. VALID in USA only! - (Media Postage for 1-2 Sale DVD's is $3.95) Outside the USA see our shipping rates.
Dziewczyna i chlopak

Of Freaks and Men

Demi Tarif

Dark Enemy
Sale DVD's...
Alone in Four Walls
At Zije Republika
Black Stallion Returns
Bugsy Malone
Catch That kid
Dandelion Game
Dan Detective School
Dark Enemy
David McGrady's Goofs & Spoofsl
Day the Sun Turned Cold
Dedicato Al Mare Egeo
De Helaasheid der Dingen
Den Attonde Dagen
Den Sidste Viking
Den Vita Stenen Del 1
De Que Color Es El Viento
De Schippers van de Kameleon
De Tasjesdief
Detstvo Tyomy
Dichter op de Zeedijk
Die Hilden von Kummerow
Die Vorstadtkrokodile
Dirty Little Secret
Doctors and Nurses
Do Gory Nogami
Dog's Best Friend
Don't Go to Sleep
Doom Runners
Drengen Der Forsvandt
Sale DVD's...
Du Pappa
Dva Lidi v Zoo
Dziewczyna i Chlopaic
Eagle Hunter's Son
Earth and Ashes
Eclair Au Chocolat
Edelweiss Pirates
Eel Island
Of Freaks and Men
Oficio de Tinieblas
Operation Splitsville
Padre Padrone
Pirate Kid
Someone is Watching
Song for a Raggy Boy
Stray Dogs
Story of Net
Summer Games
Sweet Talker
Te Busco
Timur & His Team
Just Ask for Diamond
Las Vacances de Petit Nicholas
Meet Bill
No Meio Da Rua
Pontiac Moon
Rails and Ties
Rock School
Stand By Me
37 Ninja Kids - FREE

Movie Rentals
Mea Culpa
Abbasso la Miseria
Michael's PICK !
Au Pair, Kansas
Richard O'Sullivan
...from Robin Hood to Dick Turpin!
Updated 07-03-15 ! - Thank you for your support. RENTERS PLEASE ADD ADDITIONAL ITEMS TO YOUR CART (or create a "rent" list) IN CASE YOUR SELECTION IS NOT AVAILABLE (Special offer: Rent 5 DVD's or more for FREE out-going postage)
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Back in Inventory...
Black Stallion Returns
Bugsy Malone
Cay, the
Das Wunder Bern
Die Vorstkrokodile
Dondurman Gaymak
Durango Kids
European Vacation
Ewok Adventure
Feast at Midnight
Funeral Kings
Hero of the West
Het Geheim
Hotel for Dogs
I am Gabriel
I'm Not Scared
Jesus Henry Christ
Kam, Panove, Kam Jdete
Kissing Place
KTO Esli No My
Lassie Christmas Stories
More DVD's back in Inventory...
Love Me If You Dare
Matching Jackk
Miracle of the Cards
Next Invasion
Nobody Knows
Off the Black
Ollie Hoopnoodle
Our Lady of the Assassins
Rails and Ties
Rock School
Rumor of Angels
Science Fiction
Shine of Rainbows
Spaceflight 1C-1
Stowaway to the Moon
Straight from the Heart
Sugar Cane Alley
Tom & Huck
Turn of the Screw 2009
Who Slew Auntie Roo

Mea Culpa Abbasso la Miseria Terror in the Jungle Dangerous Exile Au Pair, Kansas Bastard 2011
Battle for Skyark Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior The Notebook Outpost in Malaya Kaliman - in the Sinister World of Humanon Babes in Toyland
On Our Own The Tin Star The Divided Heart Slim Carter Amici per la pelle The Secret of Crickley Hall
Curse of the Witching Tree Cub Room to Move / On Loan Bekas Dorsvloer Vol Confetti Home Sweet Homicide / Arnelo Affair
Papa's Angels - This Week's Free Movie Rental Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn 2014 School of Comedy - Season 1 Tom's Midnight Garden 1989 Billy Elliot Broadway Wenn Einer was Versprochen Hat Over Ten Years of Doing Business on The World Wide Web! +1 (626) 789-6479