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La Disubbidienza


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Serving Collectors Since 1997!  Film Archival & Transfers services... specializing in rare and out-of-print films from around the globe. 
We offer archival video and dvd's of over 6000 films from collectible sources such as pre-record VHS, laserdiscs and DVDs. With 23 years of service to collectors worldwide, our service, selection and quality is unbeatable. We seek out and offer the rarest and best genre films on the worldwide market. We also offer a wide variety of transfer, archival and conversion services.  We can archive and convert foreign VHS, or DVD formats to U.S. formats. We stand behind our quality and service. If we acquire a better print of any title previously listed, we�ll send an �upgrade� to all rental members, and purchasers who return the old print� FREE!  Many of our titles listed in this catalogue are available in the DVD-R format. These are archival prints� NOT factory �pre-records� so an order may take longer to fulfill. Archival prints are mastered from original masters and out-of-print film prints from International and unreleased sources.   If you are looking for mainstream easily available films we can get them also. However if you are looking for rare and hard-to-find films from all over the world, then you've come to the right place!! We ship all orders via USPS (US Postal Service) Priority Mail and International Priority Mail.

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The oldest movie rental service on the internet -- since 1997. Specializing in rare hard-to-find feature films and documentaries from such respected directors as Alejandro Jodorowsky, Bernardo Bertolucci & Bille August.
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Death of Nintendo - Release Date: November 30

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Ellos Volvieron
Hard Road
Cordero De Dios
Atomic City
USA Shorts
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12 & Holding
Atomic City
At Ziji Duchove
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Chillar Party
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Barnens O
Billy Frankenstein
Blode Mutze
Boy Who Loves Trolls
Boy with Two Heads
Cuatro Lunas
Dangerous Holiday
Devil is a Sissy
Eban & Charley
Eli & Ben
El Suenos de Ivan
En Tu Ausencia
Fat Boy Chronicles
Fire That Burns
First Communion
Fool Killer
For a Lost Soldier
Frankenstein & Me
Genesis Children
Girl & the Echo
Goodbye Bird
Great American Pastime
Great Water
Gutta Boys
Help I'm a Boy
Jet Boy
Jungle Book Lost Treasure
Kindergarten 1989
Lady in White
Las Buena Vida
Laro Sa Baga
Lars Ole 5c
Le Mode de Ludovic
Les Demons
Let the Balloon Go
Oliver Beene
Wickie the Viking
Help, I'm a Boy
Spots on My Leopard
Les Demons
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Menino Maluquinho
Mixed Bag of Shorts
Most Beautiful Boy...
Mr. Atlas
Nature of Nicholas
Naughty Bomb
Oliver Beene
Ordinary Magic
Perfect Obedience
Roman Mysteries S1
Roman Mysteries S2
Sincerely Yours
Six Pack
Spots on My Leopard
Summer Love & Ballet
Sunes Sommar
Sons of Tuscon
Swallows - The Big six
Swallows - The Coots Club
Sweet Mud
Tarzan & the Jungle Boy
Te Amo
Thundering Mantis
Time of the Gypsies
Time to Live
USA Shorts
Wanted Babysitter
We Need a Vacation
Wickie the Viking
Yankee Zulu
Zipi y Zape... - FREE!
Holiday Specials:
Cordero de Dios
Ellos Volvieron
For Min Bors Skyld
Hard Road
Hole, The
Not Angels But Angels
Wir Haben Gespielt

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Gayby Baby
2. Michael's PICK !
Spots on My Leopard
3. NEW FAV !
Lee Aaker
On November 9, 2021, Dean Stockwell, died at the age of 85

Gayby Baby When Santa Fell to Earth Sexual Chronicles of a French Family Brand New day Secuestro (Boy Missing) The Great American Pastime
The Secret Handshake Summer Love and Ballet Nowhere to Run Mixed Bag of Shorts Sons of Tucson - TV The Water Man
Pasacek z Doliny Mr. Blot in the Universe Coming of Age: Modern Love (Shorts) Bouka Best of Coming of Age Shorts / Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 Sunes Sommar
Coto de Caza Brotherly Love and Murder - 9 short films Young Innozenz, O Inferno and other COA shorts Il Ladro di Giorni Bakal Boys: Children Metal Divers 16 Short Films About Sex and Sexting
The Painted Bird I Cormorani The Devil's Playground 2014 Cordero de Dios Du Bout Des Levres Mowgli 2018 Since 1997 - Celebrating 24 years! +1 (626) 789-6479