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Moonrise Kingdom

King of The Hill

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Serving Collectors Since 1997!  Film Archival & Transfers services... specializing in rare and out-of-print films from around the globe. 
We offer archival video and dvd's of over 6000 films from collectible sources such as pre-record VHS, laserdiscs and DVDs. With 16 years of service to collectors worldwide, our service, selection and quality is unbeatable. We seek out and offer the rarest and best genre films on the worldwide market. We also offer a wide variety of transfer, archival and conversion services.  We can archive and convert foreign VHS, or DVD formats to U.S. formats. We stand behind our quality and service. If we acquire a better print of any title previously listed, we’ll send an “upgrade” to all rental members, and purchasers who return the old print– FREE!  Many of our titles listed in this catalogue are available in the DVD-R format. These are archival prints– NOT factory “pre-records” so an order may take longer to fulfill. Archival prints are mastered from original masters and out-of-print film prints from International and unreleased sources.   If you are looking for mainstream easily available films we can get them also. However if you are looking for rare and hard-to-find films from all over the world, then you've come to the right place!! We ship all orders via USPS (US Postal Service) Priority Mail and International Priority Mail.
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The oldest movie rental service on the internet -- since 1997. Specializing in rare hard-to-find feature films from such respected directors as Alejandro Jodorowsky, Bernardo Bertolucci & Bille August. FREE Enrollment CLICK HERE
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The Great Elephant Escape

Welcome to CVMC - Celebrating 18 years!
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NEW JULY SALE Expires 08-02-2014 - In stock and ready to ship... -- NOTE: FREE Media shipping when you purchase 3 or more sale DVD's from the list below. Free Media rate not valid with non-sale purchases. VALID in USA only! - (Media Postage for 1-2 Sale DVD's is $3.95) Outside the USA see our shipping rates.
Rikki Tikki

Lilja 4-Ever

Run Wild Run Free
Sale DVD's...
Alpine Fire
Back Door
De Daltons
Friends Forever
Hollow Reed
La Revolte de Enfants
La Luna
Le Estate do mio Fratello
Le Petit Nichols
Lesson at the End of Spring
Lilja 4-Ever
Little Virgil
Manny's Orphans
Movie Buff
Return to Innocence
River Pirates
Rikki Tikki Tavi
Rodrigo D
Run Wild Run Free
Ryan White Story
Sacred Silence
Sammy Going South
Soldier's Daughter Never Cries
More Sale DVD's...
So Dear to My Heart
Song of the South
Street Kid
Swarm in May
Tango Argentino
That Boy Can Sing 1
That Boy Can Sing 2
Thatched Memories
Twisted 1985
Two of Us
Valley of the Bees
Wanted Babysitter
Watch Mr. Wizard
Where Pigeons Go to Die
Witman Boys
Wizard of Lonliness
Wonderful Years That Suck
Young Harry Houdini
Just Added ! (7/23)...
Custard Boys
Het Mes
Hot Bubblegum
Moon Child
Ninos de la Calle
Son of the Navy
Was Soll Bloss Aus Dir Werden

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House of Boys
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Boo Boo Stewart
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Updated 7-15-14 ! - Thank you for your support. RENTERS PLEASE ADD ADDITIONAL ITEMS TO YOUR CART IN CASE YOUR SELECTION IS NOT AVAILABLE (Special offer: Rent 5 DVD's or more for FREE out-going postage)
Our Weekly FREE DVD Rental is: Tendres Cousines - One Free rental per order to members in good standing when renting 2-movies or more - must add to cart. (Not available to first time renters) Free movie changes every Saturday at 5-PM Pacific Time
Back in Inventory since our fire in November...
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Belle & Sebastian 1965
Beyond Silence
Blue Blood
Come and Play
Fireflies in the Garden
Citizen X
Jutro Bedzie Lepiej
La Boum
El Sueno de Ivan
Ali Zaou
Eli & Ben
Lassie Gift of Love
Ma Mere
Opal Dream
Jungle Holocaust
Where the Spirit Lives
Summer of Miss Forbes
Razzle Dazzle
Small Change
Quand J'avias 5 ans...
Monsieur Batignole
The Innocents
Street Kid
Movie Buff
More DVD's back in Inventory...
Whisper Island
Nico Unicorn
Storm Boy
Juego de Ninos
Maie Baie des Anges
Run Rebecca Run
Help Wanted Kids
Summer of the Colt
Switching Parents
Swarm in May
Tango Argentino
Thatched Memories
Tropic Thunder
Twisted 1985
Two of Us 1987
Valley of the Bees
Viva Cuba
Wanted Babysitter
War of the Buttons 1994
White Wedding
When Piegons Go To Die
Witman Boys
Wonderful Years That Suck
The Wounds

Kokowaah House of Boys- Director's Cut Son of a Lion It's a Mile From Here to Glory The Clown and the Kid Slappy and the Stinkers
Belle et Sebastian 2013 Je suis heureux que ma mère soit vivante One Hundred Days After Childhood It's Summer at Long Last! Nono, het Zigzag Kind Joe
Bekas The Adventures of a Two-Minute Werewolf Krigernes Born A Birder's Guide to Everything My Friend Joe Swiss Family Robinson 1940
The Custard Boys Lemon Popsicle 3: Hot Bubblegum Prelude to Fame Osada Havranu Swiadectwo Urodzenia Paura nella citta dei morti viventi
War Zone Stories Ninos de la Calle The 14 - The Wild Little Bunch Was Soll Bloss Aus Dir Werden Wenn Einer was Versprochen Hat Detstvo Tyomy Over Ten Years of Doing Business on The World Wide Web! +1 (626) 789-6479