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Video & DVD Formats & Conversions

CVMC can convert your PAL, SECAM format VHS Tapes, or DVD's, to NTSC format playable in USA DVD players. (The final format of all conversions will be DVD-R or DVD+R / Region=0 / NTSC. Make sure your DVD player can play this format.)

1. Conversions are $5 per tape or $10 per DVD if you purchase the original PAL or SECAM from CVMC.

2. Conversions are $10 per hour if DVD is purchased elsewhere.

To Order:
To order a conversion use the "Request A Quote" page. Or e-mail CVMC for complete costs and shipping information.

EXPECT SOME QUALITY LOSS WITH CONVERSIONS INTO NTSC. For information on the quality of the masters CVMC has in stock, read the information in the "Notes" section in each film's review; converted quality will be less or equal to the master quality.

All conversions are done from the following machines:


NOTE: CVMC offers many original studio films in PAL or SECAM format. Use the "Request A Quote" form on our web site to see if the films you are interested in are available as originals in these formats. Special PAL or SECAM orders of foreign films may take as long as 20 days to come from the distributor. For more information please see our page on "Buying a Film". Since 1997 - Celebrating 24 years! +1 (626) 789-6479