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Lovers and Bullies - 15 Short Films

Side By Side

CVMC: Film Search List

CVMC is searching for the titles below. If you have any of these and wish to sell or trade for them, or have suggestions of other titles which you think should be on this list, please submit our online trade form.

Since Title(s) Notes
  A Ghost of A Chance England 
  A Passionate Woman  
  A Petal South Korea/1996 
2013-09-12  A Reason to LIVE 1985 Ricky Schroder  
  A World of Difference aka En verden til forskel/Denmark/Director: Leif Magusson 
2008-04-23  Adventures of Chico 1937 - US / Mexico 
2008-04-23  Adventures of Electric Rod Boy 1989 - Director: Shinya Tsukamoto 
  Alex Mexico 
  All Corner of The World Taiwan/1989/Director: Ming-liang Tsai 
2013-05-06  Amintiri din copilarie 1964 Romanian 
  Anima persa aka Ames perdues/France/1997 
  As In Heaven  
  Au Pair 1994 
  Ave Maria France/1984/Cast: Isabelle Pasco/Director: Jacques Richard 
  Ballade en Ville  
  Bambina Italy/Cast: Teresa Anne Savoy 
  Baxter 1972/Cast: Scott Jacoby 
  Bein Doktor  
  Beyond Innocence 1987 
  Bianchi cavalli d'Agosto aka White Horses of Summer/1975 
  Billie Turf Netherlands 
  Black Brigade  
  Bloody Noses  
  Blue Bayou  
  Blueberry Hill: a Love Story from the Fifties 1989/Dutch 
2008-03-13  Boku no Pico (My Pico) Japanese Anime 2006 
2008-11-27  Bonino - 1953 TV series wirh Chet Allen 
  Brylcream Boulevard 2001/Dutch 
  Camp Cariboo  
  Catherine Cherie France 
  Chameleon 1998 
  Close Contact Australia 
  College Dormitory France/1984 
  Comerciantes de Ninos  
  Crazy Family 1984 
  Cross My Heart France/NOT THE 1991 FRENCH FILM 
2010-01-04  Da obichash na inat (1986)  
2009-11-06  Daddy, I Don't Like It Like This 1978 Doug McKeon, Burt Young, Matthew Anton 
  Daleko od Siebie Poland/1996 
  Das Delfin Wunder  
2009-06-18  De Wereld van Ludovic 1993  
  Der Kuenstler German 
  Der Liebe auf Der Spur 1993 
  Der Onkel vom Meer  
2004-01-23  Der Richter und das Maedchen Germany/1995 
  Deux amis inseparables 1976 
  Die Besucher aka The Visitor/1984 
  Die Frisseuse und Der Millionar  
  Die Funfer Bande Germany 
  Die Linden von Lautenbach Germany/1985 
  Die Spur der Roten Fassen  
  Dolphin Boy: The New Adventures of Luke Alpine  
  Doom Beach England 
2008-09-11  Du sel sur la peau 1984  
  Dupes aka Al-Makhdu'un/1972 
2010-03-31  Ein Schnitt für Mohammed - unterwegs mit dem Beschneider Germany - TV 
  Eksploitasi ABG aka Underage Boy Exploitation 
  El Canto de la Cigarrra Mexico-Spain 
2004-10-11  El Verano del potro Argentina-Canada/1991 
  Emil und der kleine Skundi  
  Eto bylo u morya Russia/1989 
  Eulali 1987/Director: Oscar Castillo 
  Eva e Dario  
  Extreme Close-up 1990 
  Eye of the Octupus New Zealand 
  Fairwell, Sweet War aka Uova di garofano/Italy/1992/Director: Silvano Agusti 
  Family Affairs England/documentary 
  Finders Keepers  
  First Graders Iran 
  Fist of Dragons  
  Fleur de Lampaul France/1981 
2004-04-19  Fleur de Lampaul : L'appel de la mer France 
  Flypast Cast: Noah Hathaway 
  Forja de Amigos 1980/Cast: Pedro Fernandez 
2007-07-01  Forsta karleken (1993) Swedish 
2004-01-14  Fran Australia/1985 
  Freddie 1978 
  Fuck Hamlet Germany/1996 
  Funf Kinder Branchen Eine Mutter  
  Gee, Granny, Magic  
  Gefangene der Liebe Germany 
  Ginger Snaps for Grandma Norway 
  Godistjlven 1974 
  Going to War  
  Gridiron Gang 1983 
  Hai Zi Wang 1987 
  Harry & The Wrinklies  
2013-09-12  Hawkins Family 1990 Chris Cooper and Matthew Lawrence 
  Heimatmuseum Germany 
2009-03-18  Heimliche Liebe - Der Schüler und die Postbotin 2005 TV Movie 
2004-10-17  Heimlinche Ausfluge Director: Kay Pollack/Cast: Tomas Fryk 
2009-12-21  Help! I'm a Teenage Outlaw - 2004 TV Series 
  Hermes Germany 
  Hero to Zero  
2003-12-29  Het Verdriet van België aka Le Chagrins des Belges, The Sorrow of Belgium/Belgium/1994 
  Higher Mortals UK/1993 
  Holiday Hotel 1978 
  Homework Iran 
  Hur Marie träffade Fredrik Sweden/1969 
  I Morgon, Mario  
  Ich Bin's Jasper  
  Ich Hain  
  In My Secrecy  
2009-09-27  Incompreso 2002 Mini TV series 
  Iratan e Iracema  
  Isabelle, devant le desir France/1975 
2008-08-14  Jerusalemski Sindrom 2004 Croatia / Israel with Macaulay Culkin 
2009-06-03  Johnny Minotaur 1971 USA / Greek ? 
  Juillet en Septembre France/1988/Cast: Anne Prillaud/Director: Sebastien Japrisot 
  Julian H. entführt - Qualen einer Mutter Germany/1993 
  Julie, Bientot 12 ans et demi France/1993 
  Just William's Luck 1947 
2005-01-22  Kannathil Muthamittal 2002 
  Kde Padaji Hvezdi aka Czilliagulaz/Czech Republic 
  Kidnapping Mom & Dad  
  Kindheit in Russland Russia 
  Kun-Kun Japan/Cartoon 
2007-09-17  L' Enfant Eternel Franch 
  L'amour en herbe aka Budding Love/France/1977 
  L'amour et un jeu d'enfants  
  L'enfants d'eau France 
  L'instit -- Zwei Herzen Eine Seele  
  L'instit: Auf Bewarung France/1996 
  L'instit: Freres de Sang France1996 
  L'instit: L'une ou l'outre France/1997/Cast: Aline & Emilie Lebeau 
  La contre-allee 1991 
  La croisade des enfants France/1987 
  La Edad de la Inocencia aka The Innocent Age/Mexico/1962 
2004-10-12  La Nina Santa aka The Holy Girl/Argentina/2004 
  La Petite Sir 1980 
2013-10-18  La primavera de los escorpiones 1971 Mexico 
  La Segua 1984/Director: Antonio Yglesias 
  La tentation d'Isabelle  
  Land of the Lost Cast: Leif Garrett 
2004-09-20  Lars I Porten aka On The Threshold/1984 
  Last Chance School  
  Le bal du gouverneur 1990 
  Le fero de padre  
  Le nouveau monde 1995 
  Le trou aka The Hole/France-Italy/1960 
  Legion of Iron  
  Les autres filles  
  Les Couche-Tôt  
2004-06-28  Les petites canailles French 
  Liebe, Lugen und Geheimnisse Germany/1998 
  Lisa und Die Sabelzahutiger  
2003-09-17  Little Boy Blue and Pancho 1963 
  Little Girls in Pretty Boxes  
  Little Ninja Heros Hong Kong/1990 
  Little Robinson Crusoe 1924/cast Jackie Coogan 
  Living with Dinosaurs England 
  Locked In Silence  
  Los Dos Goldillos Spain 
  Love Songs aka Paroles et musque 
  Love Under 17 Germany/1974 
  Lu-ping Flowe Hong Kong 
  Lucas France/1993 
  Mahjong Taiwan/1996 
  Maigon has Left France-Italy/1988 
  Malanoche Director: Gus van Sant 
  Marching into Darkness aka Marching in The Darkness, Marciando Nel Buio/Italy/1995/Director: Massimo Spano 
  Marriage Playgroud  
  Mayim BIialik aka Blossom 
  Mein Gluck Heisst Jonas Czech Republic 
2004-01-03  Mein Papa - Du Leber Clown aka Moy Papa - Dorogoy Kloun/Russia/1996 
  Miguel de Servet  
  Mima 1991 
  Monkeys in Paradise Japan/1994 
  Morrison's Horizons  
  Mourir d'aimer  
  Mystery Island Australia 
2003-10-05  Na Pytl·cke Stezce  
  Neus von Suderhof  
  Never Take No for An Answer  
  No Place to Hide 1972 
  Northern Takes  
2003-12-16  Number One (1976) 
  Oh, la la! 1999/Director: Eva Ionesco 
2009-11-09  Ole Rex 1961  
  One Winter Behind God's Back  
  Papa Ich Hel Dich Raus  
  Pegij Pyos Begushchij Krayem Morya Russia/1990 
  Peppermint Frieden Germany/1983 
2010-11-15  PERROS CALLEJEROS 1977  
2008-03-13  Pico to Chico (Pico and Chico). Japanese anime 2007 
  Pigeon Volé France 
  Pink Lightening  
  Poison Candy 1988 
  Police England 
2004-07-02  Pubertinaje Mexico/1971 
  Puss in Boots 1984 
2003-09-17  Puss in Boots 1961 
2007-12-27  Re-Inventing Eddie (2002)  
  Rebels of the Neon God Taiwan/1993 
  Rechnungsduplika Nachhberechnung  
2008-06-04  Red Sky at Morning Looking for better copy -- ours is vhs poor 
  Reve apres Reve aka Dream After Dream, Yume Yume No Ato/1981 
  Ricky 6  
2004-10-11  Riri Shushu no Subete Japan/2001 
2008-06-04  Rockingham Shoot, the Looking for good copy -- our is a vhs poor 
  Rose et Frederic  
  Samostoyatelnaya zhizn aka Une vie independante, An Independent Life/Russia/1992 
  Scenes from Underchildhood 1967/Director: Stan Brakage 
  Schande Germany/1999/Cast: Stephanie Charlotta 
  Schone Tag Austrian 
2012-10-26  Sebastian and the Sparrow 1988 - Director Scott Hicks 
  Second Wind aka Un second souffle/France/1981 
2008-06-30  Secret of Giving 1999 with Reba McEntire 
  Selma & Johanna -- Em Roadmovie  
  Shonen Shikaku Japan/1991 
  Shrouded in Mystery Switzerland/1997 
  Siga, die Loewin  
  Silent Alarm 1990 
  Sins of Innocence  
  Some Prefer Cake  
  Sons China/1995 
  Sortie de route France 
2004-11-04  Spuk Am Tor Der Zeit Germany/2002 
  Story of My Son  
  Strong Island Boys 1997/Cast: Tommy J. Michaels 
  Sun on the Stubble  
  Sweet Thing  
  Take Me To Town 1953 
2004-12-02  Tatort: Todesangst Germany/1999 
  Teens Denmark 
  Teny on The Fence  
  The Blair Witch Homework Project  
  The Boy Who Stole the Elephant Cast: Mark Lester 
  The Bride Was Beautiful Italy/1986 
2003-09-04  The Candy Man 1969 
  The Children and the White Whales France 
  The Country Kid 1923 
  The Defenceless Norway 
  The Dollar Bottom  
  The Finding  
  The First Turn-On 1983/uncut version only; not 84 minute version 
  The God Boy New Zealand/1976 
  The Happy Time 1955 
2008-08-08  The Home of Dark Butterflies 2008 Finland / Nordisk Films 
  The In Crowd 1988 
  The Kid China 
  The Kidnappers  
2008-06-16  The Last Brickmaker in America  
  The Lighthouse the Netherlands/1996 
  The Little Minister 1921 
  The Mudchild  
  The Riddle Russia/1996/Director: Evan Brenner 
2008-06-30  The Secret of Giving 1999 TV film starring Reba McEntire with Devon Alan - released on VHS only 
  The Sky Palace  
2004-08-29  The Sorrow of Belgium Belgium/1994 
  The Spots on My Leopard 1974 
  The Trumpet  
  The Wasteland  
  The Yellow Balloon England 
  Three Rail Bobbers  
2008-06-30  Throttle 2002 Devon Alan & Liam Watson 
  Through the Magic Pyramid 1980-81 
  Tidens Ansikte aka The Face of Time 
  Todesangst aka Tatort-Todesangst/German/1999/Cast: Romina Penkalla, Peter Sodann, Gunda Ebert, Katrin Sab/Director: Miko Zeuschner 
  Tombe du nid France/1999 
  Travolta et mou  
  Triangle of Mendes  
2012-07-18  Trompeten Anton 1981 
  Trust William  
  Tut and Tuttle 1982 
  UK Radena Vzucholod Czech Republic/1996 
2009-02-07  Uma Pedra no Bolso 1988 - Portugal 
  Uma pedra no bolso aka Tall Stories/Brazil/1988 
2008-08-06  Uma Pedra No Bolso 1988 Portugal 
  Uroki Frantsuzskogo aka French Lessons/Russia/1978 
  Varldens Basta Karlsson  
  Versteckte Liebe aka Hidden Love/Germany 
  Waiting for the Tenor  
  Walking on The Moon England/1990s 
  Weisse Kreide fur Franziska Germany 
  Weizce Walke Carolin  
  Wem Gehort Tobias German 
  Wenn alle Deutschen schlafen 1994 
  Whats Up With My Men? aka Was Ist Bloss Mit Meinen Maennern Los 
  Where The Sun Beats Portugal 
2008-11-26  White Angel (1936) Billy Mauch 
  Winterkind Germany/1997 
  Witness In the Shadows aka Silent Witness/Cast: Richard Dryfuss 
  Wodan the Netherlands/Cast: Rick van Gastel 
2007-01-12  Wrestling Jr. High School and High School Wrestling videos and DVD's 
  Xica Brazil 
2004-01-19  XXL French, 1997, directed by Ariel Zeitoun 
  Ya Rodom is Detstva  
  Yours and Mine Taiwan 
  Zeppelin Norway/1981 Since 1997 - Celebrating 24 years! +1 (626) 789-6479