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Attention, Turtle!

CVMC: Members Speak!

A few of CVMC's members have been kind enough to here let me quote them regarding their opinions on CVMC. Please feel free to eMail me your thoughts too.

1. "Brandon:

Thanks for starting CVMC. I have been wanting to see many of the films you carry for such a long time but could not find them at my local video store and didn't want to pay mucho bucks to special order them. I especially enjoy being able to email my orders from the privacy of my home. They have been arriving in just a couple days, and you have great customer service, are friendly and thorough. Thanks again! I plan to rent a lot."

Kirk H.

2. "Brandon,

Thank you, Sir. I really enjoyed the films and your service."


3. "Hello Brandon,

Thanks for your kind and correct way of doing business."

Jochem, The Netherlands

4. "Brandon,

...the movies were GREAT, I am ready to rent again... You are a GREAT FIND; WHAT A SERVICE..."


5. "Hi Brandon,

Thanks for providing a way to rent these hard-to-find films. There's no way I could afford to buy them all, but at least now I can watch them. ...the service is great."


6. "Brandon:

Your selection of hard to find films is very good, but what's more impressive is how easy you have made it to get the films here and return them. I never have to go farther than my front door to receive them, or farther than my mailbox to return them. Thanks!"


7. "Dear Brandon:

Your personal touch makes for good business; thanks a lot for spending the time helping me find films I want to see."


8. "Brandon:

I am pleased you understood my precautious nature before ordering from you since there are a lot of unscrupulous people out there on the net; I am glad to have found that you are an honourable person. I can rest assured now that you ARE genuine and therefore further orders are on the way."

TF, United Kingdom

9. "Brandon:

Having searched long and hard for some of these titles, it is fantastic that you have found them..., and are letting others rent them. Even some of the 'large' video companies like Facets, Kino, and AWI have not been able to locate them. These films are worth the search and wait and should not be lost! I DO think the business is great, and DO keep up the hard/good work. So many thanks!"


10. "Brandon,

Thank you for this service as most of these movies have been impossible to locate in local video rental stores, even in the large chains such as Blockbuster and Hollywood which have large foreign sections."


11. "null

CVMC has the fast, dependable service that the other web video stores can only hope to emulate."


12. "Brandon,

It's good to know you live up to your promise of good customer service!"


13. "Dear Brandon:

I wanted to say that I've enjoyed renting from you so much... Keep up the excellent work, as yours is a unique and enjoyable service."


14. "Brandon:

Thanks for all you do. You run a very user friendly shop. Thanks again!"


15. "Dear Brandon,

Thank you for offering such a great service, and thank you particularly for your attentive handling of my first order. Also, it's great to receive your frequent e-mails about new movies. My only complaint is that I don't have enough time to watch all the videos I want to watch--it would be easier being a member if I were retired!"

Jim L.

16. "Brandon,

My first order was great. Love the way you handle returns. You have fast and dependable service. I used the UPS tracking to see where my movies were. I knew exactly when to be home to accept them. You are unique. Thanks."


17. "Dear Brandon:

I have been enjoying your movies. It's great to be able to see all these unusual movies that would be otherwise unavailable. I appreciate the prompt service!"


18. "Brandon,

This is a really AWESOME service. I appreciate the hassle free shipping, superb film commentaries, informative updates, and the personal touch that you add to your business in dealing with customers."


19. "Dear Brandon:

Thanks for your service; you have no idea how I looked forward to viewing one of the films. You've made me very happy. Boy, am I glad you provide this service."

Henk, The Netherlands

20. "Brandon do an excellent job of describing the films and any limitations they might have. Thanks again for your service."


21. "Hi!

Again, many thanks for prompt reply. It's a delight to deal with someone who responds quickly, and who treats inquiries respectfully."


22. "Brandon:

It's nice to have a source for movies like this that never see the light of day in places like my home town."


23. "Thank you, Brandon!

You have been more than correct in sending the orders."


24. "Brandon:

Thanks, the films were great... You have a great system..."


25. "Brandon,

Thanks again for all of your help. There is no other video store or video internet service that provides the service you do."


26. "Dear Brandon,

Hi, again. You have been so helpful, so quick in answering my many questions... thank you!!"


27. "Dear Brandon,

Thanks again! Your site has now replaced my need for IMDB (Internet Movie Database) and other video shops as you have found the rare movies I can never seem to find."


28. "Brandon,

Thanks and keep the email-newsletters coming. I read them all."


29. " Hi, Brandon!

Thanks for some wonderful and beautiful films! I stayed up most the night watching them. Never in my life have I ever been able to rent such bliss."

Rich B.

30. "Hi, Brandon!

...thanks for the great service and quick responses."

Mr. R.

31. "Brandon:

Your business and service are great! You've found films I've been looking for for ages..."


32. "Hi, Brandon:

Your inventory is the best I've seen and your service (member newsletters, etc) is great?"


33. "Brandon:

I love your service! I really appreciate it, especially your prompt replies to my questions. Hope to keep doing business with you in the future."


34. "Dear Brandon:

You don't know how much I appreciate your courtesy to your customers... I totally enjoy being a member and will be sure to introduce you to all those interested in renting rare foreign films..."

David H.

35. "Dear Brandon:

Thank you very much for a very friendly, courteous and expedient service."


36. "Brandon:

Thank you for your service and friendliness."


37. "Brandon:

I am really impressed by all your professionalism and was MOST in awe at the prompt and efficient service you gave in the dealings with my last order. I look forward to my future dealings confident in the satisfaction I will receive."


38. " Dear Brandon,

Just a note to say 'Thank You' for your prompt mailing and outstanding customer service. The package arrived exactly when RPS said it would (the tracking number made it a breeze!) and I enjoyed the film greatly... I also found your e-mails to be very informative and extremely well-written. I look forward to receiving more of them in the future. I've had a lot of bad experiences dealing with mail order companies, particularly those who advertise on the internet. My experience with you makes me think that there are still companies out there who are honest and who care about their customers. You can be sure that I will be ordering from you again in the future. Best of luck and keep up the good work!"


39. "Brandon:

I couldn't help but to notice the hard working effort you put into your business... I have always enjoyed the newsletters you sent along with the insights and comments of the new films. They are a real good help in aiding me to decide on the films to purchase. I must congratulate on the fine work you have established."


40. "Hi, Brandon:

Thanks very much for your excellent service. I enjoyed the tapes very much. I am very pleased to have found CVMC as a source for movies. I enjoyed chatting with you the other evening. You have done an impressive job with CVMC. I look forward to enjoying many excellent videos in the months ahead.

Thanks for all your trouble in connection with my original order, thanks for making everything happen the way you told me it would, and thanks in advance for your trouble in connection with this new order.

(Sometime later this customer added:)

I greatly enjoyed all of my recent selections. I could not help but notice that this rental request was a good example of one of CVMC's strengths: each film was very different from the other two (in other words, variety), and they were all very different from the three I rented last time. CVMC has a number of unique qualifications which makes it a valuable source for persons interested in films showing various aspects of childhood. And too, your customer service and order fulfillment operations are top notch."


41. "Dear Brandon:

Just want to say that I am very satisfied with the films I ordered. I will wait a while with my next order, but I will order again that is for sure."


42. "Brandon,

You truly have the best business ethics I have ever experienced."


43. "Brandon:

Thank you for a great Movie company.You have my respects and support. I wish I had known about CVMC sooner."


44. "Dear Brandon:

Thank you for your good service! I appreciate the excellent packing with shredded paper and all; thanks for going the extra mile to get the items to me. I am very pleased with all the items ordered..."


45. "Brandon:

I have gotten all the films I have ordered, and I am pleased with the service and quality of the films; I will order more films in the future."

Mike C.

46. "Brandon:

Keep your great site going! It's the best I've seen so far on the Web, catering to this genre."


47. "Hi, Brandon:

Just writing to say how impressed I am with your service."


48. "Brandon:

By the way, I just wanted you to know that your service is fantastic. I couldn't believe how fast the tapes arrived!"


49. "Brandon:

I wanted to tell you that you have the best foreign film collection available in the U.S. I am currently a member of several other home video clubs and your collection is unbelievable. Congrats on the continued success of CVMC."


50. "Brandon:

While l am writing to you I just want to say how pleased I am with the service you give. It is much appreciated."


51. "Sir,

Thanks for the outstanding service..."


52. "Brandon:

Thank you for the great service. You made a well done job!"


53. "Mr. Brandon:

Thank you very much. I can say that your service is better than I expected. Thanks again and I will be in contact with you soon for the next film. I am very glad with your site."


54. "Brandon,

I like the movie descriptions and coming attractions that you send out via email. I've found your descriptions reliable, which helps me decide which movies I want to rent next."


55. "Brandon: run a great business."


56. "Brandon:

Thank you for the very good service; I think in the near future I will be ready for more videos."


57. "Brandon,

CVMC movies are the BEST! The selection just keeps getting better and better! I'm always looking forward to your NEW titles! The BEST Coming of Age Movies are to be found at CVMC!"


58. "Brandon:

I also want to take the time to say thank you for offering so many wonderful hard to find items... The service you provide is awesome!"


59. "Brandon:

I would go on record to say that if ALL internet commerce was as efficient as Brandon's CVMC none of us would ever have to leave home. Keep up your fine work, Brandon!"


60. "Brandon,

I'm impressed with your commitment. The service is outstanding and really works for me."


61. "Brandon:

...just wanted you to know how pleased I am with your service. I never dealt with a business that is so efficient. It's a pleasure to do business with you. Keep up the good work. I will recomend you to all my friends. Thanks again."


62. "Brandon,

You have a great service, and it is fast and easy to use."


63. "Brandon:

I've ordered stuff from you before and I've NEVER been disappointed. I just wanted you to know that I've been looking for this video for a VERY long time and I should have known it would be at CVMC sooner than anywhere else. In fact, most of the videos you've sold me I've either never even seen anywhere else or I've seen people charging at least DOUBLE what you ask. I don't know how you do it but please continue!"


64. "Brandon:

I am extremely satisfied with how you've handled all my orders."


65. "Brandon:

I thank you very much for your kindness and readiness in managing my order."


66. "Dear Brandon:

Your movie club is great! You have obviously put in a tremendous effort to make available some very hard to get films. For the past ten years, one of my hobbies is to research films (mostly rare) and then locate them in order to view them. I never thought that I would be able to see many of them, that is until I discovered CVMC. Most of the titles that I wanted to see were already in your inventory. And each day the list grows larger and better. Please keep up the great work and thank you."


67. "Brandon:

I think your service is excellent."


68. "Brandon:

Thanks again for the best service that I have ever found."


69. "Brandon:

You have a really neat service here. A lot of good films. I've tracked a few locally but nowhere near the great collection that you have. Thanks!!"


70. "Brandon:

I love your video gallery... You have a great stock of foreign movies about children; it's the only way to see the "right in your face" world of a child. Your Video Club doesn't hold back a bit. Thanks again."

John K.

71. "Brandon,

Continued success with CVMC - the best video store on the Internet!"

Eric P.

72. "Brandon:

I have to admit, I was a little concerned at first that ordering would be a complicated ordeal (having to mail them back, etc.), but the whole process was very organized and convenient. Easier than going to the local video stores, and a better selection too!"


73. "Brandon:



74. "Brandon:

Your site is the best I have seen on the internet yet. It has great coming of age type of movies. I have really enjoyed renting for the past few years, and will be a loyal member for many years to come."

Steve T.

75. "Brandon:

I want to thank you for the great service... I really appreciate all of your fantastic efforts."


76. "Brandon:

I am happy to find a good place to buy movies."

Pierre V.

77. "Brandon,

I thank you for excellent service in the past and again for carrying hard to find titles."


78. "Brandon,

My membership was a very good investment."


79. "Brandon:

I thank you for your service. It's really quite wonderful! I look forward to doing business with you in the future."


80. "Brandon:

I just want to thank you for the great service you have. You have gotten many great films for me. I refer all my friends to you."


81. "Brandon,

I got lucky one day while surfing the net and came across this site; how fortunate. This is like a fantasy because there are no movie stores within miles of my home with any selections such as yours. I hope to be a long term member. Keep up the good work!"

Rob from Michigan

82. "Brandon:

It really is a pleasure doing business with your firm. And I appreciate your providing a source for films unavailable in the USA."


83. "Brandon,

I'm glad you're out there promising these impossible for me to find videos."


84. "Brandon

You have great customer service; you and CVMC are doing a wonderful job. I'm impressed with the way you handle your organization -- the emails, the speed of delivery and so on."

JB in New York

85. "Brandon:

The more I deal with you the more I am impressed with your store. Not only do you give fast and efficient and personalized service but your whole set up from the web layout to the reviews and honest comments about the films and the enclosed pictures spells efficiency, professionalism and love for the films ...several much larger outfits I have ordered from can learn something from you about running a mail-order business."


86. "Brandon,

Just wanted to say that I have been all around impressed with CVMC. Your customer service is impeccable, the selection of stock top notch, and my order arrived well packed and safe in two days time! I very much enjoyed my first two rentals and... am looking forward to renting again soon."


87. "Brandon:

It's now time to say thank you for all that you do... You have the best internet video store in the world, and you can be sure I will ordering from you again..."


88. "Brandon,

Thank you for your promt and efficient service."


89. "Brandon:

Thank you for all the hard work operating this buisness; it is atreasure!"


90. "Brandon:

Film as art is not very available in this country and you are one of the few sources. Please continue to make these films available. There is no art form I enjoy more."


91. "Brandon:

How I appreciate your service bringing other-wise unavilable movies to the U.S.!"


92. "Brandon,

I appreciate the way you treat your customers, specially when we screw up. For me, when a business will occasionally break it's 'rules' in order to keep it's valued customers, that business has got a customer for life. And you do."


93. "Brandon,

You've created a work of art."


94. "Brandon: a long time customer, I must compliment you on the way you run your business. It must be a lot of work, but somehow you make it happen. Best to you."


95. "Brandon,

...You have a great service!"


96. "Brandon,

I have searched all over the USA and can not find anyone with the kind of great collection of rare, out-of-print movies you have. I LOVE YOUR MOVIES and your web-site. I will be a life-long fan... Keep up the great work..."


97. "Brandon:

Your service is always prompt and efficient."


98. "Brandon,

Great service and company."


99. "Brandon,

I think your service is great as is your web site."


100. "Brandon:

I wanted to thank you for the expedient service your company has provided. So far, I have rented about 15 Videos and all, for the most part, have been pretty good. So, thanks."


101. "Brandon,

Thanks for having the coolest video store on the net!"


102. "Dear Brandon,

You are my best movie selling friend. I look forward to doing business with you again in the near future. Thanks for the great service."

Joe Junior

103. "Brandon,

Thank you VERY much for all the efforts you took to satisfy a (stubbern) customer."


104. "Brandon,

You have a great site and a great service..."


105. "Brandon,

Thanks for your superb customer service."

Chris in Philadelphia

106. "Brandon,

Thank you; your service is always prompt and accurate, and your selections just get better and better."

A longtime customer in Illinois

107. "Brandon,

I'm sure I can speak for every rentor when I say we do appreciate the work put forth in providing these rare films."


108. "Brandon,

Wise men say only fools rush in, ?ut I can't help falling in love with your videos..."


109. "Brandon,

I think it is so incredibly sweet and polite of you to answer each of my emails to you. I think it's amazing given that you probably do this with most everyone and conduct and manage a business at the same time. Even the one time we spoke on the phone, you were willing to speak at length and did not rush the phone call at all. I think you're a really nice person, and the community of coming-of-age film fans is lucky for the service you provide."

Rich M.

110. "Brandon,

I want to thank you again for everything, and I will be certain to come to you first for all of my coming of age film needs. You are terrific!"


111. "Brandon:

I have highly appreciated your conduct of business."

Paolo - Turin, Italy

112. "Brandon,

I really appreciate the great variety of new, old, and foreign films that you provide!"


113. "Brandon:

Thank you so much for your wonderful business and public relation skills!"


114. "Brandon

You are really on top of it. The way you run your business impresses the hell out of me!"


115. "Brandon

Top Quality - Top Service!"


116. "Brandon:

Thanks for your excellent service..."

Geoff in Australia

117. "Brandon

I received my order; thanks very much. I am so impressed with your quality and service that I already want to order some more."

Lance in Australia

118. "Brandon,

This is a great service and selection! I feel lucky to have found CVMC!"


119. "Brandon

I wish I could rent eight (8) at a time 'cause I'm addicted to your fabulous movies! Thank you for your unique and available movies, programs, etc.! "


120. "Brandon,

I love your site and how the movies are well described; it's easy to navigate too. Thank you for your kindness and fast responses. "


121. "Brandon

I am so glad I found you and CVMC; I believe you have the best service of all film stores wordwide! I look forward to many, many more great years dealing with you!"

Robert in Sweden

122. "Brandon

Thanks. I really admire how you handle your business. Keep it up!"


123. "Brandon

I love your company. Great service!"

Seth Phillips

124. "Thank you, Brandon:

This is the movie that I wanted to see for a long time! In service you kindly sent me an e-mail saying "ORDER SENT!!!" in advance. I was relieved to read that. Soon after that the item arrived very quickly. And  I was  also very satisfied with the quality of  the film. Thank you for everything!""

Yoish in Japan

125. "Thanks Brandon,

for having such a great selection of movies!"


126. "Brandon

All in all I can say since I've found your website about half a year ago, my movie collection has grown enormously. I use it as an information database only. And it is a VERY useful Tool! Many thanks to you for creating/maintaining it! There are many film titles that I would have missed, if I hadn't read about them on your page. Renting films from you would be too expensive for me regarding the immense postal fees, but trading with you is always correct+fair+joyful! "


127. "Brandon

First let me thank you for providing such great service and also such a great company. To be able to see some of these films is a dream. Thank you so much. You are to be commended for your dedication to this type of film making."


128. "Brandon

Thanks for your outstanding selection and service. It's a pleasure doing business with you."


129. "Brandon,

Thanks as always for everything! Your service is impeccable! :)"


130. "Brandon,

Thanks for the fantastic selection, and as always, the service!"


131. "Brandon,

As usual, excellent service."


132. "Brandon,

I really wasn't expecting service this excellent. Many thanks for your efforts."


133. "Brandon

Thanks for all your hard work bringing these otherwise impossible to find movies right to my doorstep. If it wasn't for CVMC, I never would have known these great films exist."


134. "Brandon,

I received your movie. Thanks for your great service and a great movie!"


135. "Brandon

...thanks for running one of the most efficient and best selections of all the rental outlets online!!"

Jeff L.

136. "Brandon

I like the top quality of your business !"


137. "Brandon,

You are amazing. I have never dealt with anyone, ever, with such dedication to customer service. Thank you very much."

James Since 1997 - Celebrating 24 years! +1 (626) 789-6479