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CVMC: Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Aren't your prices a bit high?

A: Compared to your local video store, sure. Yet, CVMC is much different than your local video store, specializes in hard to find films. More than likely, you will not be able to obtain the vast majority of CVMC's titles in a place such as BlockBuster. To buy any one of these titles would generally cost you anywhere from $30-$90. There are a couple of other nationwide video rental businesses out there, yes, but the last time I check, none of them matched CVMC's prices. Facets, for example, also has a $35 membership fee but then wants $10 per video following the 3 that are included with the membership fee; their membership fee does not include shipping and handling either. So, CVMC's prices strike me as rather fair, a good deal, in fact; you might also wish to note that unlike most companies, CVMC is not making a profit off of the shipping and handling rate. Please inform me if you know of a better deal than what CVMC is offering.

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Q: I have seen some of your titles in my local video store. Are you sure your films are that hard to get?

A: Much of what you are able to get at your local video store is dependent on your location and how much knowledge those who do the ordering at that store have of film. If you live in someplace like New York, you will certainly find more of these titles nearby than if you live somewhere like Hell, Michigan (which is a real town!). I have attempted to cater to those in both the metropolitan and rural areas. Many of CVMC's titles are going to be hard to stumble onto no matter where you are; others you might have a chance of finding depending on where you live, etcetera. A few (perhaps less than 5%) you should be able to rent at most stores, but they are here for those who live in the more rural areas or for those who prefer having the videos delivered to their home rather than having to make a trip to the store.

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Q: Explain the variation in rental prices.

A: The standard rental fee is $8 per film plus shipping and handling. $5 rentals have been priced as such either because they (a) are not terribly hard to find, (b) cost me less than your standard $8 rental or (c) are under an hour in length (Note: a few of the shorter films are still $8). $10 rentals are always very rare films which cost me a lot to obtain.

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Q: Do you have a catalog?

A: No. As with your normal video store, CVMC gets new titles too frequently to invest in having catalogs published.

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Q: Why don't you have an 800 number?

A: Simply put, to keep your cost down! You actually only have to call CVMC once to set up your account. Thereafter, you can eMail your orders. Just make sure you have gone to CVMC's Home Page before doing so to see if the films you want are presently in stock. The Home Page is updated daily.

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Q: Why aren't there .jpgs (pictures) for all the movie reviews?

A: The issue is one of copyright. Some studios are apparently too busy to reply to CVMC's request for permission to scan and display their video sleeves; others, for varying reasons, have simply declined. Copyright permission has been obtained for all the .jpgs found at this site, or they are scans of pictures intended for promotional use. I am very thankful to those studios which have granted this permission and hope others will soon follow.

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Q: What do you mean when you say a film includes "speckles" and "black-outs?"

A: Many older films, especially those that are not better know, have not been remastered (i.e., restored). The time they were made and the years that have passed since they were made are often an indication of the existing quality of the print. Commonly, older, non-remastered films have tiny "speckles" running throughout the print. At times, there are a variety of other problems too, such as "black-outs" (which is when the movie literally blacks out for a second or two), poor subtitling, etcetera. Avid film buffs generally have no problem with such things, in fact can view these traits as adding character to the film. The "normal" movie viewer, however, is usually a bit annoyed with older prints. This is why I try to provide you with as much information about the quality of the print as possible. I prefer that you see the types of films you enjoy, that CVMC's customers are happy.

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Q: Does CVMC in any way alter the films it rents and sells?

A: I attempt to get non-edited and director's cuts whenever possible, feeling that these cuts more often than not better portray what the film was intended to be, not what a studio has decided will be more popular and make more money. However, there are a couple titles that had to be edited to be allowed inside the USA; if a film has been edited by CVMC, you will be made aware of this before purchasing.

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Q: What do you mean when you say a film is rated "NR?" Are any of these films morally questionable?

A: "NR" means a film is not rated. Most older and many foreign films are not rated. The question of whether a film is "morally" appropriate or not is not an issue I wish to tackle. From my own personal perspective, I have never been too concerned with a film's moral content or with the philosophy it is trying to relay; rather, I judge a movie on how well it relays a story or philosophy. Yet, it is fully realized that some people are concerned about content, etcetera. This is why I have tried to inform you of anything that might be viewed as objectionable in the "Warning" section of each film's review. Please make note of this if you are worried about such things. It is not my wish to offend anyone.

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Q: Do you have to be a certain age to rent these movies?

A: For some titles, yes. Although everything CVMC offers is most certainly legal and can in no way be considered "pornographic," anything of the sort, some of the films are rated R (Restricted) or NC-17 (no one under 17 is allowed to view); also a number of the NR films would fall into either of these categories if rated. Considering that CVMC is a legitimate business that has no desire to break the law, I am unable to rent or sell rated R, NC-17 or "questionable" NR films to those under 17 years of age without written consent from the child's parent or legal guardian. There are a couple titles CVMC will not rent/sell to individuals under 21 years of age. Sorry to all you younger film lovers out there, but that's just the way it has to be.

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Q: I want to sign up and order now, wish to get my films as soon as possible. Isn't this contract I have to fill out going to slow things down?

A: No, not at all. The contract will be included with your first order. Just fill it out and return it with the videos when you are ready to ship them back.

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Q: Why do I even have to fill out a contract? What is it all about?

A: Anytime you join a video store, you are asked to sign a form of one type or another. This, in essence, is a contract, and it usually states that you will abide by the store's rules or lose your membership. CVMC's contract is the same thing. It just asks you for your permission to charge your credit card for the membership fee and for any films you decide to rent. It also states that you will pay for any late fees and/or damaged or unreturned films or else your membership with CVMC will be revoked. That's all there is to it.

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Q: How hard is it to ship the rentals back?

A: Not hard at all. Each rental order shipped from CVMC includes a return envelope with detailed instructions on how to return the films. Place the films in the return envelope when you are ready to return them, apply adequate postage and put them in your mailbox or hand them directly to a postal clerk (Please note that since 9-11 all packages over a pound in weight must be handed directly to a postal clerk). The return instructions include information on what day you need to return the films.

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Q: Is CVMC's list of members ever sold to mailing lists?

A: Most certainly not! If you are flooded with as much junk-mail as me, the last thing you need is to be placed on yet another mailing list. CVMC simply holds its member list in the strictest of confidence.

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Q: Can I buy films I don't see listed on CVMC's Home Page?

A: Most certainly "Yes," and I would appreciate you doing so. Though CVMC specializes, I should be able to get you any film in print, regardless if children are involved or not. You may wish to note, however, that films come into and go out of print all the time; just because a film is in CVMC's collection does not mean it is available for sale, and just because it is not does not suggest it is not available.

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Q: What format are the videos in?

A: CVMC has videos in a variety of formats. If you are unfamiliar with the varying video formats, click here. If a video comes in a format other than NTSC (the USA standard), this will be clearly stated in the film's review. Many tapes can be converted into the format you need; please inquire to see if this option is available to you.

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Q: Why can rental membership only be obtained within the United States?

A: To ship outside of the United States requires additional shipping costs; customs often attaches fees also (e.g., taxes, duties, brokerage fees, etcetera). In the end, the rental prices for customers outside the United States would be too high. If you are in a country other than the United States, you can purchase many of the films CVMC stocks. Please inquire for availability and prices.

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Q: Are titles available for purchase on laser or DVD?

A: Yes, a number of titles can be purchased on laser and DVD. Please inquire about the specific title you are interested in to see if it is available on laser or DVD.

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Q: Do you have a list of what it costs to purchase films found at CVMC's site?

A: No, not at the moment. Yet, simply email me a list of the titles you are interested in; I will quickly reply with what they cost. Note that the prices do not include the shipping and handling fee. For video sales, this is assessed individually and is dependent on your location.

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